From an eyrie art request.

Mthvarisa was worked upon over the summer of 2012, and I remember getting all of the lineart done and then realizing, oh crap, I forgot that eyries (essentially griffins) had wings!

And so I went back and tussled with myself over how to add them, and after a week of work I had finished the inking and coloring. About 18 months later, I revisited the picture and gave it a drabber brown color while cutting the tail’s length down.



This is the original look of the picture, with my mild departures from the actual purple color of the art reference I was given.


This is a more faithful reproduction of the art reference’s colors, since I felt guilty about playing with the colors as much as I did.



This progress animation shows how I got from the lineart to the initial purple coloration, and then later to the browner colors.



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