Pixel Hissis

Rough drafts for the ice hissi (#20) were first created in November 2009, and the set was initially finished with 36 Hissis by the creation of the UC faerie hissi (#36) in February 2010.


OriginalPixelHissiAdoptsMenagerie1 OriginalPixelHissiAdoptsMenagerie2 OriginalPixelHissiAdoptsMenagerie3 OriginalPixelHissiAdoptsMenagerie4 OriginalPixelHissiAdoptsMenagerie5 OriginalPixelHissiAdoptsMenagerie6 OriginalPixelHissiAdoptsMenagerie7_________________________________________________________________________


I have made custom versions of these hissis for people over the years; some are just clothes-swaps of two existing adoptables, but some have original designs.


CustomPixelHissiAdoptsMenagerie1 CustomPixelHissiAdoptsMenagerie2 CustomPixelHissiAdoptsMenagerie3




As proud as I was with my set of transparent versions when I made them in July 2012, I made this tiny infographic for them.



Here is a “Making of…” progress animation I made for the faerie version. Its wings greatly benefited from the use of wing references and understanding the mechanics of them, as opposed to “winging it” as I almost did.

As you can tell, I did not consider typing out my comments in the gif.



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