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I have had this sketch for a while (see the date on it), and while I liked the two fish at the left and the bird, the whole thing was kind of ruined by the goofy looks on two of the fish in the middle. And so to make them more presentable, I took out their eyes… Click to go back

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Small Mau5 Mix

Starting from the top and moving clockwise: – mau5 with flowers and smoke: drawn Mid-late July 2013; flowers represent the abundance and peace of summertime (or at least the peace I felt, lol) – mau5 looking left: Mid-December 2013, the first mau5head I drew after my 21st birthday. – mau5 holding cheek: Mid-late July 2013, like a prototype of the first one. A Midsummer Night’s Draw – mau5 looking up: Mid-December 2013; has some study notes around the ears but whatever, since to me drawing mau5heads goes hand-in-hand with studying for classes.”