Drawn while distracted for 30 minutes, but I dragged on and took 2 weeks to color this. Click to go back


From a melancholic time, and from listening to “Spider and I” by Brian Eno on repeat. Click to go back


The coloration here is reminiscent of the color palette I imagine when listening to some Bowie songs. Click to go back


I have had this sketch for a while (see the date on it), and while I liked the two fish at the left and the bird, the whole thing was kind of ruined by the goofy looks on two of the fish in the middle. And so to make them more presentable, I took out their eyes… Click to go back


3/22/2016 commission. The creature’s name is Beta. Click to go back

Watermelon Fuzz

This was first worked upon in 2013 and nearly finished in early 2014, but I did not touch up and the colors and release this until April 2016. This gets its name from how in its earlier stages the head was green. This progress animation illustrates what I mean about the green:

Abyssal Ridge

More practicing with the cintiq. I’ve really wanted to do watercolor-like scenes. A slightly more desaturated version: And finally a version that shows off the lineart better:


This sketch’s name is short for Tutti Frutti. It’s colorful, isn’t it? Click to go back


A general menagerie, I was probably listening to Another Green World during this. Click to go back


Listened to My Life In the Bush of Ghosts during this… trying to diversity my eel-like subject. Click to go back . .

Freshman Sketches

Sketches from my freshman year of undergrad. Honestly these aren’t all that better from my pre-college days… these were the most presentable ones.

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A rather cut-and-dry example of my natural style, I drew this dog after spending so long keeping myself away from drawing on paper to work on Astral Candy, a more protracted illustration project. You could say this was made to see if I could still draw at all. – – – This picture also has an earlier, alternate coloring. I almost continued to work on this version until I realized I already use this scheme a lot.